Let me see your RAW’s!

Hello friends!

Today, I want to talk about RAW images.

I get all kinds of comments regarding my work, the big one, is that I do a LOT of work to my images in post. Nope, sorry kids not me! I will say that I edit the photos the way I see them in my head at time of shooting, but no, I don’t spend a lot of time editing my photos. Many people talk about “Shoot it right in camera” and lots of times, that’s not possible. I don’t feel photoshop should be your crutch, but a tool to enhance what is already there. Before I share some of my RAW images, I want to talk about “Getting it right in camera” You should shoot to eliminate all bad things, but you should also shoot with post processing in mind too.

One of the things that makes my pp (post processing) easy is using the “right” equipment. My camera is important, but the LIGHT is as well. I use for majority of my photos, a Photogenic PLR500DRC strobe. With that strobe I get PERFECT skin tones right out of the camera. I don’t white balance my photos, NEVER. I do warm them up a bit in photoshop and I do retouch them, but nah, no white balance for this kid. I don’t use a light meter and have successfully metered up to five lights all by eye. So here are a few photos that are straight out of camera, pared with the retouched photos:


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