Jay Kilgore lighting video!

Jay Kilgore lighting video!


it has been six years since Jay has said he was coming out with a lighting video, December 25th it actually come true! on february 23rd it was updated!

Jay Kilgore has been perfecting his lighting using a minimalistic approach. Jay has finally put it all together for you to not only see how he does it step by step, but to take his ideas and further your own career!

Not only will you get the setup, but the explanation as to WHY the setup exists! This video promises to be something that will be valuable to you for many years to come! Jay breaks down complex lighting setups and makes it so easy, anyone can follow! Are you an advanced shooter? There’s something for you too!

The video is roughly 70 minutes long and features 9 lighting modifiers and placements. These modifiers are for the “budget friendly” and will work for everyone regardless your budget. There is an extensive people posing video that will show you how to pose any model regardless their height! The setups are using one to three lights and has downloadable diagrams.

The order price of this video is only 75.00!! That’s right! for 75.00 you’re getting a lighting video that WILL teach you something new! The video is ready for download now and once payment is received, you will receive a download link with in 4 hours!

July 10th 2012 the price has been reduced to 75.00 to make room for the NEW video coming out January 2013!!


Meet our lighting model’s Heather & Kelsey:


 Be prepared to have a lot of fun watching it as well as applying what you’ve learned! It will be jam packed with info but short enough for those who want to get out and start applying the principals!



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