Jay Drama!

Alright friends,

I have some drama that I said I wouldn’t post on (I actually did, but set it to private) but it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I need to make up for it right?

So I was going to have Ali Sonoma out to my workshop right? I had talked to another photographer who puts on workshops, asked him if I could use his images to annouce my Ali workshop. That photog said yea sure no problem and even thanked me for asking.

One of the people that went to his workshop, was a grown man acting like a child, who is jealous of me. This guy is jealous because he doesn’t have skill or talent. He’s a hack and he knows it. I had my December workshop at his studio after he begged me to do so. His studio space is nice, his photography truly sucks…and it takes a lot for me to say that on a public forum lol. He saw that I was using the photos and contacted the photographer and told him I was stealing the images. The photog forgot that he gave me permission and threatened me that he was going to sue me. I got the message, gave him a call, sent him the email where he thanked me for asking and gve me his blessing. He apologized profusely and told me I had his blessing.

Didn’t work a-hole!

So A-hole contacts Ali Sonoma and tells her that I’m a bad person. Ali doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground, so she takes him at his word. So I had to break it down that her “friend” actually told me she was a “bitch” and she was “stuck on herself ever since she was on “The Mole”” He said that in front of my wife and she couldn’t believe this. So hoping to keep the drama to a minimum, I never told Ali that, until she contacted me saying some things that eluded to that. I broke it down to her that he’s an ass and liar and not to be believed. I also have three other people that heard him say that and they were surprised at his unprofessionalisim. He backed down….or so I thought.

He then contacts one of my sponsors in an effort to have them stop being my sponsor. Little does he know that I work very closely with my sponsors and they know pretty much everything about me. My sponsor called me on the phone and we got the problem fixed. He got burned yet again.

The guy is a loser and as unprofessional as can be. I give him credit, he’s trying to take my idea of having famous models out and have a workshop, but the sad thing is? his photography sucks, so he has to bring in other photogs to shoot them LOL

All in a days work of blogging eh?

National Association of Photoshop Professionals will be sending a package via my UPS man this week! I still love my UPS man.


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