“It’s not our job to….”

I was talking with another photographer a few days back. We were talking about the lack of Fashion models and TRUE Fashion model photography here in Colorado. Often times, Photographers will shoot fashion, and the model will walk away feeling good, but in reality, they’re not fashion models, never will be, never had a chance.

My question to you is simple, do you feel it’s the photographers job to tell a model what styles she’s better suited for? Now I understand that many of the photographers out there don’t know the requirements for fashion models and so on, but do you agree?

My stance is this, they come to us to get our knowledge. They trust us to get the shot, lighting and to know what’s best for them. If we don’t know, should we really be doing this? If we’re not going to be on the level, are we doing these girls a disservice? This photographer and I were talking about a 5’3 145lb model who wanted to fashion. I told him I said she didn’t have a chance. He frowned upon it and we agreed to disagree.

So my question for you is, do you tell these girls? or do you let them continue chasing something that would never happen?


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