I’m still with ya!

Hey all,

I’m still with ya. I know I need to update, I’m working on a few things. My girls have been home less than a week, so we’re all doing the close lovey dovey stuff, should wear off by saturday and I’ll be back to work.

Just a quick update:

I now see why I stopped doing tfcd shoots. Since starting my book idea, I started doing tfcd model shoots. In that time, I’ve had four “models” change their minds about modeling (one was really good at it and had potential) another two decide they don’t want to shoot nudes and want any artistic nude shots removed! One did so because she claimed her mommy found out (Her husband sent me an email asking me to take the one photo down, although you can’t even tell it’s her lol) and another model contacted me just the other day. The model who contacted me the other day, she’s a real sweetheart, so I took them down since I didn’t want anything to happen to her, but man does that put a damper on what I do!

“Models” don’t understand that a free shoot, isn’t really free! it costs the photographer money in ways they’ll never really apprecieate. Most models think a shoot is done once they leave, that’s when the real work begins.

My new years resolution? no more free shoots again! when I was charging, I never had this problem. Crazy that I only have this problem when doing free shoots, models that pay, show up on time and they know what they’re getting themselves into.

Who’s going to take the stand with me? When I did this a few years ago, two photogs took the agreement, both were back to tfcd shoots inside of a month. I kept it going and they were jealous lol.



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