I’m not a smart guy, not at all. So when I get an idea, it hits me like a ton of bricks! I get headaches much like Jimmy Cagney in White Heat haha.

My Toss the box workshops were fun. They weren’t really a learning place, well they were, but there wasn’t much emphasis on learning as much as getting great shots. At this last workshop, I decided that I wanted my workshops to be different than everyone else, I want them to be a learning workshop! One of the biggest complaints about my last workshop was when Amanda went full nude, almost everyone RAN to shoot her, strobes, on camera flash, hot shoe flash all going off at once. I decided that’s NOT how Colorado SuperShoots is going to work, not anymore, not ever, never ever again.

So me, in all my infinite wisdom, has decided to institute “hall monitors” yea, pretty slick huh? The way it will work is three of my most trusted photography friends, will have a group of 5 or less photographers. They will be stationed at a light setup with model. Those guys are going to make sure only one person is shooting and everyone else is watching. They’re going to make sure the shooter gets 5-20 amazing shots, and no one else is shooting…not even in manual. “Why not in manual Jay? you’re an ass!” Yes, yes I am an ass, but how will you like it when you’re up front taking photos, and the model is looking at everyone else because she doesn’t know where to look?  These trusted guys, will give you two or three warnings before you’re asked to leave the building. That’s right, you’ll be escorted out of the workshop with no refund given. The workshops are a place of learning, not your own private place, respect others.

That may be a hard assed approach to it all, but it needs to be done. With Ali Sonoma coming in March, we have to have our ducks in a row!


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