I love you, UPS man!

It’s that time of year again friends, Mr. UPS man is coming with TWO packages for me on Tuesday. The only thing I hate about Mr. UPS man is the fact that he gets here well into the evening. He gets here around 4 or 5 pm which is the end of the day 🙁 But at least he gets here.

Every time he has a day off, his next day back to work, he’ll ask us “I was off the past few days, have you gotten all the packages you were supposed to?” how awesome right? Tuesday when he comes, Mr. UPS m an will get a cool 20.00 Starbucks gift card from us. That’s how cool he is.

Also, today, I went to Microcenter and there was my fav sales man. I just found out today his name is Eric R, but I call him “Lil Matt Serra” since he looks just like Matt Serra the UFC fighter to me. I got about 400.00 worth of crap today, about 399.99 more than what I wanted to get, but the old lady has been bothering me for an external drive and we found out today, my router was dead, so we had to get a new one. Hello sexy N Router! I got a terrabyte drive and her a wireless N card. I don’t want to go wireless since it’s a tad bit slower.

Crazy, but awesome things happening in my personal life as well as professional life. All good mind you, just crazy. I’m heading to Chicago in July to run a workshop. I’m also going to get with Photogenic and my contact there. Want to buy him lunch since he’s so awesome. Also the web guy there is cool, so I’ll treat him too.

I’m off to read!


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