I love MANY strobes, but one light is just as powerful!

To continue on with my one light series, I have to say that I love strobes. Nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy inside! The way they pop, the way the images look. The more the merrier! The one thing that I sometimes forget; great images can happen with just one light! If I borrow from my post earlier in the week, one light is how I really got started. David Hickey told me years ago that “There is only one sun. The purpose of photography is to emulate it.” After he said that, I shot for many years with one light. Then I started adding more and more. Now that I’m comfortable and am often told that I have a “recognizable” style, I want to change it up a bit.

IMHO, I’ve got the glamour thing down. I’m almost annoyed with it. I want to branch out and shoot more fashion and beauty. So I grabbed a model, she’s not fashion height, but she’s beautiful and shot some fashion lighting. I’m going to check with my buddy T, to see what he has to say. I hope I’m not too far off lol.

These were all shot with the following:

Canon EOS 5D
Photogenic PLR1250DR
Diffusion Panel

What do ya think?


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