I love first timers!

In my discussions with photographers, lots of them hate the first time model or first time client. I personally enjoy them!

Lots of times, experienced people come in to the studio with their own idea of what looks good. Sad thing is what works for one photog, may not work for another. Majority of the work I do is with new model hopefuls. Others just want pretty pictures of themselves lol. This is Taylor, I went after her cause she has a great look. She’s the girl next door and being a dancer helps! This was her first time in front of the camera and here’s her photos.

Lighting was simple;

Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Photogenic PLR1250DR
PL24R 24inch Photogenic Beauty Dish-Silver
2 Photogenic PL1250DR on background
2 Photogenic 12×36 strip lights
I get a fair amount of questions asking me about my lighting. Moving forward, I will (try and remember to)include links in my post to save you time.


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