Hey all,

How the crap is it going?

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know this, but if you do know me, you know that I suck ASS as far as keeping secrets goes! I never go Christmas shopping because the kids corner me and pressure me into telling them. So I deserve major props for keeoing this a secret. 

July 08 I had contacted Photogenic strobes in an effort to sponsor my workshops. I use photogenics for the MAJORITY of my important work. Over the past two years, every publication image and client image was shot with Photogenics. In July of 2008, I was told that all the sponsor budget was gone and to try back some other time. Basically, the email was there to tell me that I may have ran quality workshops and took qualty photos, but my presentation sucked. Early July, I got Colorado SuperShoot redesigned, got my list of speaking engagements down, confirmed, workshop dates down and confirmed as well as my extra photography stuff and hit them up again.

This time, they were a bit more impressed with my delivery and gave me some consideration.

I am proud to say, today, what ever date it is in February, Photogenic is the OFFICIAL STROBE SPONSOR of Colorado SuperShoots! How awesome is that?

Not only are they the official sponsors of the workshop, they’re going to use yours truly images in their national publications! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, when you pick up Shutterbug, Pop Photo, PPA Mag and other photography magazines, you’ll see “Image copyright Jay Kilgore Photography”

I’m excited!

They won’t be here in time for this weekends workshop, but FOR SURE the Ali Sonoma workshop as well as everything after that.


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