How to set up your Photogenic CL500 photography light.

Good afternoon boys and girls. Today we’re going to walk you through setting up your new Photogenic CL500 DigiLight.

After unpacking your light, take a moment to inspect for cracks, scratches, dings or someone else’s name. If none of those problems exist, we move on to step 2 (Technically 1A)

Take your strobe and put it on a light stand:


2.) Remove flash cover and inspect the mounting screw for cracks and or any other blemishes.


3.) Go to Home Depot/Walmart or any place that has high power light bulbs since our new strobe can handle UP TO 500 watts of pure awesome balls power.


4.) Get your screw on! and plug in, you should have power.


That’s it! we’re all done!

Wait, we need a few sample photos! These are pics of the kids. They were on a shoot all day after an all day school binge. These photos were taken with 200 watt bulb-NOT the bulb that’s in the above photos!


All images taken with a CL500 through a medium sized softbox and 200 watt light. My quest for two 500 watts has started.


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