“How do you…”

A lot of questions I get are “how do you?” type ones, so I’m bored and looking for something to blog about, so I figure I’ll answer one “how do you”

I am envious of photogs who have one solid working workflow. You guys all suck! I never look at one pic the same as the others, meaning, my workflow from one photo to the next won’t work. About the only thing that I do to almost every single Model/Person photo, is adjust the photo width.

Digital is pretty bad for distorting things. More so than film imho. One of the things it does is make photos wide. I’ve found that by adjusting the width of a photo, it really compliments the model! Here’s a before width photo:


And after:   


As you can see, by my stacking them, you can even see the difference.

How did I do it? why tell you, when I can just give you an action? Click here to download it


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