Here’s Johnny!

So I’m a few days late, so what.

As promised, here’s a few images showing the wonderful toys i got last week from my lighting sponsor, Photogenic!

I got a StudioMax AKC320A which is a plug in 300w strobe. An AKC320B which is a plugin AND battery powered strobe. An AKB Battery pack and the two big boys, a Photogenic 1250 and 1250DR.

Today I had a shoot with Tony and Jon, the first thing they said was “woow those modeling lights are BRIGHT” Before I would use my Photogenic PL600 and another brand for kicker lights. Today, I used all photogenic and the room was LIT ya’ll! I’ll post some photos of that later.

Colorado SuperShoots is currently the only photography workshop that’s sponsored by Photogenic, an honor I don’t take lightly!


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