Flirting with comfort lines…

For me when I shoot, I always discuss the psychology of photography. As a psych major in school, I love the dynamics of relationships. I know this is mostly a sociology type attitude, but leave me alone. I like to find out what a model is mostly comfortable shooting up to, and push the boundaries as much as humanly possible! I am always careful to not over step the boundaries and will often describe the pose and have them turn around to emulate it before we shoot it,

Be careful when flirting with people’s comfort line; always approach it in a fun non pervy way and as long as it’s with in their line, they will be open to it. For me, I find the best images are the ones that pushes both the model and photographer. Here’s Jamie. Jamie is open to the idea of nudes, but approached it with some hesitance. I explained to her that it’s her shoot, shoot what she’s comfortable with. She said for sure on topless and implied nude. Here’s some photos of how we approahced her shoot of nude but not really:

Specs: Canon EOS 5D | 2 Photogenic AKC320 with 2 stripboxes | 4×6 softbox


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