Every once in a while..

A photographer finds a model that challenges him. That makes him WANT to do something different, bolder and better. Paige is that model for me. She’s going to be a model at my workshop, so I put her to several tests. She didn’t know which tests, but I did. Here’s the test:

1. Would she show up?
2. Show up on TIME?
10 minutes early
3. Did she show up with a boyfriend or friend?
No, she did her homework and researched me. Came by herself ready to work
4. Did the photos she have show her how she is today?
The photos didn’t do her justice. You have to see her in real life, to understand her beauty
5. Intelligent? carry a convo? pleasant to talk to?
Is one of the “Can’t wait to listen” instead of the “Can’t wait to talk”
6. Face and body for modeling?
Hell yes
7. Self conscious about her looks/body?
Hell no! as long as it’s in her comfort zone, she kills it.
8. Take direction well? offer own suggestions?
Check and double check

She passed with flying colors! She had ME late and fumbling lol. She showed up ready to go, LOOKING like a model..even when she wasn’t modeling. Easy to talk to and knock out beautiful, the girl is the idea of a model. If I could be around maybe 15 of these, I’d be the man

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