Doing the whole night club thing again

As you may have seen, I’m not entirely into the Club photoshoot thing. I did one when I came out here to Colorado and after the shooting had taken place, the guy who was running the event, told me that he wanted me to sign a release that gave him copyright to the images and that I would have to put his business’ logo over them. Yea, not going to happen. So when Caleb asked me to shoot his event, I was skeptical. I gave it some thought and since he’s a cool cat, I did it. Glad I did! some beautiful ladies there! some I really want to shoot again, a few, I’m in the process of setting some things up!

All shot with:
Canon EOS 5D
Photogenic PLR1250DR strobe
Photogenic 24″ Silver Beauty Dish

Here’s some of the images that was cleaned up:



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