Kelsey beauty shot by Jay Kilgore


So there are a few forums I post at. I post there mostly to pass the time and meet cool new people, but sometimes to blow people’s mind.

What do I mean? On a LOT of the photography forums, the “Elders” or more “Respected” members, are often people who have THOUSANDS of posts but when you look to see what kind, you quickly find they have ZERO threads started sharing their work, and thousands of posts critiquing. I posted up an image of a model in a fashion pose and the “Elders” freaked out! They kept saying “I don’t like the pose” or “Not sure why you have her in that pose, she looks weird” Ummmm hello, FASHION? I had to ask “Have you ever picked up a fashion magazine?” These guys are the general portrait professionals that goes to work at their 9-5 job every day because they can’t hack it in the photography world, yet come to forums to make everyone know how amazing they are lol.

Then you have the guys who aren’t very good, post their own thread saying they aren’t good but feel the need to critique. I have a bit more respect for them, but not a lot. These are the guys who I refer to as the “Prison Knowledge” They aren’t good, but they’re trying, so they take the comments of the “Elders” and apply it to people who are better than them. They have no real knowledge or working knowledge, just enough to get by and impress the TFCD girls who want models that they shoot. Again, nothing wrong with them and I have a bit more respect for them than “Elders”

Then you have your trolls. The trolls are there to specifically cause drama. They either want to see boobies or pretend to know enough about photography to coax the boobies out of posters. These guys I have a bit of respect for because hey, they’re legit. LOL.

Then you have the working professionals. The guys that are out there doing their thing. They go to the forums to post and share and get critiqued from the first two jokers and they (pros) quickly realize that posting on forums is worthless.

I’m in the last group. They get SOOO mad when I tell them “I’m not looking for critique, just sharing” They often make comments like “Oh, you think you’re too good” No, I really don’t, however, there are only two people who critique me; the client paying me money and myself. Miscellaneous people on the internet critiquing me is worthless! I find it funny, they get mad and act as if I have a big ego because I didn’t post for them to critique…I think the ego comes into play where you get mad because you’re at work and I didn’t label my thread as NSFW. My work allows for me to post what I want because my work IS what I post! How can you critique me from your office Que?


Why is it that every photo the keyboard 9-5 professional doesn’t like, are some of my more successful photos? Oh ya! I forgot, it’s not a general portrait type photo lol. I once had a “30 year professional” tell me that he didn’t know what a cross processed photo was and that he didn’t like it. Really? Like Marvin Gaye said “Makes me wanna hollar and throw up my hands.”






Originally posted 4/27/2011


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