Colorado supershoot, it’s a wrap!

Hey all,

Yesterday marked the end to the first workshop of 2009. It was a good workshop I believe?

I implemented my “monitors” and they worked out great. Much thanks to Tony, Mike and Jon. You guys were awesome in controlling your groups and so far, the feed back I heard has been great. No one was thrown out, so that’s always a great thing lol.

As I made my way through the rooms, everyone was laughing and having fun, and out of no where, a “friendly” competitive game ensued! It quickly became a “Now go back to your room, your team misses you” type element. Hell, I was even through out of BOTH teams’ room for a minute…in MY studio! I had to go get refreshments since I had no where to go!

My old Photogenic PowerLight 600 strobe died 🙁 need to replace the flash tube. I didn’t get my new sponsored Photogenic heads in time, I’m expecting them to show up tomorrow. My Powerlight 600 I got used and it still fired off well over 13k photos for me…even surviving a fall in the lake!

Here’s a few photos from this weekend, I had an all day seminar/shoot today, so I’m wiped.


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