Collage of sorts


If we follow the rule that there shouldn’t be more than one pose of the same set in your portfolio, I’m screwed lol. Sometimes, I’ll take a series of photos and like more than one from it. If you have more than one photo of the model wearing the same clothes, it gives the impression that you’re padding your portfolio to make up for lack of models. I think it’s safe to assume that we all know I have a ton of images, but if you’re new to my book, then you may not know.

I’m redoing the image folders on Colorado SuperShoot and cutting down on the waste. I’ve noticed that I have two, three, four photos from the same set up! To keep it to ONE image from each set, I’ve put together a few images into one photo 😉


So I’m cheating with style lol.

Shot with:

canon EOS 20D
Photogenic PL600
Kicker light = some other brand (alienbees lol)

Some that were taken at an outdoor workshop


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