Beware: The perverts are everywhere!

Last year, I was out shooting some high school seniors and tons of people were driving by, honking, asking if they needed a “daddy” and one creeper kept circling the block going slow as slow can be. This happened when the DNC was in town, so there were a TON of cops around. They came up on the guy and made him go faster. Right after that happened, I looked over to the right and there was a creeper perv guy.

I know what you’re thinking: “Jay, just because he was all sweaty and greasy looking, with a big round crepper belly and unkempt hair, he’s most likely NOT a creeper, just a lonly old guy who enjoys watching photoshots of 17yo high school seniors”



Damn Liberals.


What made it bad was Mr. Creeper (is that better?) rolled (ok, he ran, but as he did, his entire body jiggled) and got his pair of binoculars to watch!

So be being the non obtrusive guy that I am, I turned my lens around and fired off a few shots of Mr. Creeper. He quickly hid his binoculars, but you can sell he’s holding something: either his man-bra, a guy, or his creeper goggles.

Here’s one at 200mm f2.8 and the other is a direct crop


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