A few of Genna

Hey all,

Just got out of surgery yesterday, which is why I haven’t been around much. I’m alive, so sorry if some of you wanted me dead LOL.

On Saturday, a guy I know put on a Pinup workshop. Well, it wasn’t a workshop, but a shoot out really. It was about 20 people on one model. He just started doing them, so he has a lot to learn, but it made my buddy who was with me, appreciate how I run my workshops.

We were there for about half hour, we snapped about 40 photos between the two of us. We stopped shooting and watched everyone else as they gave the illusion that they were vampires and the model was the last drop of blood. Deciding we didn’t want to be part of that, I asked my fav model Genna and new fav model Mihaela to stay after. Mihaela was too tired to hang out, so Genna and her male model friend Calib stayed. We got some great shots of them! Here’s a few for now:


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