A couple from the outdoor workshop

Here’s a few from the outdoor workshop. I’m beat, so I won’t post much other than to say the weather was 48 degrees. The models were AMAZING!! They were troopers and didn’t complain at all!

Of course, today was 75 and sunny starting at 10am! Heres a few photos. I didn’t shoot much yesterday, just wanted to let everyone shoot and enjoy the process.

Soon as we started shooting, it was coooold. This was at 1230pm!! Genna weighs about 98lbs, no fat at all. Good job Genna!


As the day progressed, we headed back to my studio to get some shots. We got a car from the dealership on the corner and started shooting. Here we have a Photogenic 1250DR strobe with a 24inch Photogenic beauty dish. I will post images from that in a bit.


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