I just have to say that I LOVE the photogenic beauty dish 24″.  It comes in Silver AND white and it’s just a thing of beauty.  Today, at the 6week lighting class, we covered the beauty dish and how wonderful it is.

I have to say, these classes are GREAT because people are ACTUALLY asking questions, difficult questions. At my workshops, everyone is quiet and just shooting. I’m not challenged in them. These classes are new to everyone and these guys aren’t playing! They’re asking the questions, they’re playing with the lights and they’re open to learning and hearing more. It’s a beautiful thing.

I didn’t shoot a lot today, have a LOT on my mind with Carlotta Champagne-Playboy model coming out this Thursday, but I’m ready! Here’s an image from the class today, a 24″ Photogenic beauty dish (PL24R), shot through a Photogenic 1250DR strobe:

Photogenic 1250dr strobe with a white 24" Photogenic Beauty Dish



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