Glamour image of Fashion model Holly


While talking with a new photographer friend, he said “This is why I’ll never shoot glamour again” when we were speaking about the drama associated with glamour photography. I heard what he said and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Now I understand glamour isn’t for everyone and I’m ok with that, but to think someone was bitten by the glamour bug and now hates it bothers me.

I was posting saying that I had some drama going on. Drama isn’t anything new to glamour photographers, more so than fashion photographers, but I had some. He said this was exactly why he would never shoot glamour again, dramatic, childish behavior on part of the model. He said it wasn’t worth it. I got emails from several other friends that were glamour guys that moved on to other styles of photography to avoid it all. I was stumped. There’s always drama with glamour, so why allow this to break you?

I have noticed that a many photographer friends have been shying away from glamour work. I have a few guys local to me here in CO who are tired of the drama glamour brings. They are continuing to shoot it but their interest is falling. A good friend and mentor of mines, David Hickey, has expressed his major decline in shooting glamour. For him, he has lots of local OC/LA photographers that are gossiping and causing him drama. David is the most laid back, chill photographer EVER, so for him to lose interest is huge.

What is happening to our industry? Does the wannabe models really have so much control that they can decide the fate of a world renowned photographer such as Hickey? Does the wannabe photographer that has more of a mouth than skill, have the ability to kill the career of another? Or is it not worth it to fight for glamour?


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