Hello friends!

First and foremost I want to thank you for continually coming to my blog. I realize my blog isn’t the happy go lucky lets cuddle blog, but more of the I’m telling you my mistakes so you don’t make them. As a result, some people’s feelings get hurt. That being said, I from time to time post some good things and want to know, which of my posts have you gotten something out of? And since I’m asking, why not reward you for your time?

The contest is simple on my facebook page I am asking you to comment there which of my posts you like. You have to do the following;

LIKE the facebook page

Find the entry dated today, 12/8/12 and like it

Comment on that post what thread you like and WHY.

Everyone who likes the fb page and post and comments on which blog post you like and why will be entered to win a cool prize! What prize you ask? Let’s do a free giveaway from AlienSkin! The winner will have his or her chance to chose from the following;

Digital copies of AlienSkin Exposure4, AlienSkin BlowUp and AlienSkin Bokeh.

The winner will be chosen at random by someone other than me. The first person to win will get to chose first and so on. Winners will be posted sometime either 12/15 or 12/16. The contest starts TODAY and ends 12/15. So go fourth and like, like, comment and WIN!


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