Where have I been?

Hello friends!


Super long time no talk! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I had lost my interest in posting and teaching and sharing and all that. Got burned out. I’ve picked up a side project, one I’m happy to be doing! I’m one of two staff photographers for Glamourmodelmagazine.com and I enjoy it! Go like their facebook page too!

I get free reign over what I shoot, so I get to shoot a lot of personal projects and share what and how I want!

Here’s a video of Taylor that I submitted. Here are a few photos:


As far as the future of this blog, to be totally honest I’m not entirely sure. I may just turn this into a portfolio site and showcase my work. I’d still keep the blog info but can’t guarantee that it will update as regularly as it had in the past. I’ll take a bit to think about it, what would you guys like to see happen to it?


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