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If you tuned in last week, then you’ve no doubt read “The sad truth about tattoos” and I’m sure you have an opinion on it.

Now I want to note; I am a working photographer I’m not an agent or anything like that. Nor do I claim to be. However, I use my eyes and judgement when reviewing whats going on.

In that entry, I said tattoo’d models are somewhat limited to what they canĀ  shoot and of course I had some that were upset about it. If you rely on one person, especially if it’s one person you’ve never met to dictate your life, modeling isn’t for you. Rejection is hard at first, but gets easy over time. Why? because to find the right one for you means you’ll be rejected from 10 possibilities. Now lets jump into today’s post! You’ve decided to get tattoo’s as a form of self expression and you love them. Great, right? No. Let’s be frank and honest; a tattoo is forever. Yes, you can get things over it and make it more pretty, but 75% of the girls I work with get their tattoo’s when they’re younger and as older women regret them. This is just a small lesson on reminding you that some things can’t be undone and that it can hamper you in modeling.

Yes, I said that before, but why not be more constructive?

Depending on where your tattoos are you can find work. Modeling is about selling yourself, you are the product so you have to find the right clients to sell yourself to. If you are heavily tatt’ed, then you will want more of the “alternative” magazine/clients. The new and more open minded client. The down side to that is the new company may not have as much money as the Baby Boomer owned business, but you can always use the new business as a stepping stone. The worst they can do is say no.


I work with everyone and work just the same as those with tattoo’s as those who don’t have. I don’t believe a person should be judged by looks, but what they bring to the event. With almost everyone having tattoo’s now, I’ve established someexcellent relationships with those who have tattoos.

As long as you’re realistic with what you do, you will always be successful. Success isn’t always money, fame, publications, it also includes accomplishing things that make YOU feel good about yourself.


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