The power of music

I posted a question a few years ago;

What’s the single most important thing at your shoot?

I got a wide variety of answers such as camera, good lens, back up bodies and lens. Many great things. For me, I answered it simply; Music.

Music that the client enjoys is the best experience for them. I have had to sit through music genres I’m not a fan of, but have heard some tunes I like. With mobile devices now able to play excellent quality music, I turn my mobile phone into a portable jukebox.  When I’m shooting in the studio, I crank the music up and we get down. It helps the client open up, relax and put in work! It helps fill the quiet spaces of a shoot and if you pick a station they dig, they will forget all about the flash of the strobes and get to moving around.

For those who don’t believe music can get a client to open up, please watch the following video:

Can you honestly say Music doesn’t have power to move?


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