the honesty’s too much…it can be a bad thing.

One of the questions I get asked by models and photographers alike is “What do you think of X’s work?” Back in my younger days I had no problem saying if I thought the person was good or not. As the years have gone by, I’ve shied away from such comments as I personally find it more of reflection on myself, than the person who’s work I am critiquing.

Let’s be honest; no one shoots the way we do! We are all our own individuals even if we try and copy another photographer or models style. Why? everyone has their own vision and way of doing things and regardless of how much we try to copy, we will never do it the way someone else does. We shouldn’t want to do it the way another does as well. Would you want to be remembered for “Shooting like Jay Kilgore”? Or be remembered as “Jay Kilgore, photographer”? I would rather be known for the work I’ve created that is unique and original to me, not for copying someone else s style.

As we create our own style and way in the photography world, we need to be mindful that other photographers, new or old, aren’t shooting for US as they are shooting for their clients. We all know what a technically sound photo is but anything above that is all open to interpretation. We as photographers need to be mindful of our audience when we are solicited for advice. For someone who’s work we can’t stand, there are hundreds others out there who love it. We only alienate ourselves by saying that person’s work sucks…even if it does. EVERYONE we come into contact is a potential customer, why turn down business for the sake of ego?

Always remember, for every person you’re saying suck, there’s someone else saying the same about your work! YOU have the ability to control what comes out your mouth, why not make it good or find a way to move on?

The pretty lady in the photo is Ms. Nadia Norimi a wonderful person and great Judoka. Image taken in the caves of Duluth, MN


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