Second chances

I’m all about second chances!

There have been times in my professional life when a situation has hit too close to home. As any normal human being would have, I let emotion act with out the benefit of intellect. This has caused me to end relationships that shouldn’t have been or change the course of relationships in either a negative or positive way. One of the relationships was with a really good model and wonderful person named Paige. Paige is a total sweetheart and absolutely beautiful. Her and I shot once with just the two of us, then again at my 2009 End of the Year shootout. In early 2010 she had contacted me as she signed with one of the larger scam agencies here in Colorado. She got photos taken by the “photographer” (who is also the owner. Which are you? a photog or agency owner?) and didn’t like the photos. She wanted me to take photos for her to use. Having a negative experience with the photographer, I didn’t want my images helping his business out at all, nor did I want people to think I was associated with that scam agency, so I refused. After that, her and I stopped talking.

Fast forward over a year later and I contacted her because I have a magazine that’s interested in her. Now the problem with magazines today is in my experience, they’ve become lazy. Instead of paying good photogs, they take crappy filler images from guys who just want to shoot T&A. Oh, sorry, I got off track. I contacted her to see if she was still interested. She was and I used that as a way to weasel a shoot out of her. She caught on to my weasel pretty early on and we set up a shoot.

Before the shoot, her and I talked and it was fun to not only catch up with her, but just talk to her. It’s been a while and she’s by far one of the more intelligent people I know (She majored in math for Christmas’ sakes!) and fun to talk to. Hey, anyone who says “Oh Mylanta” as a swear word is pimp! We had our shoot and it just made me realize how easily I could have destroyed or forever altered our relationship had I let emotion get in the way of business decisions. Because I didn’t, I have her back and we’re creating fun stuff!


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