It makes me proud to see students, current and past, display works of mine taken at one on ones, workshops or group settings. If I may say with out ego, it makes me equally thrilled to see images obtained at my workshop have the most comments, likes and lists.

Often times I wonder; “What have you contributed to the professional world buddy?” and I’ll be down in a funk. I’m usually so busy doing my own thing that I hardly take a break and go see what others are up to. Last time I did, I decided to take some images that were shot by students of mine, and compile them. I am proud to say that a lot of the people who’ve taken classes from me, have worked with me on one one, have gone on to teach and do other things!

The images are copyright their respective owners. I am not claiming copyright at all, using them to not only show off the photographers work, but the work they did under my direct guidance. Enjoy!


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