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Meeting of the Masters; Day II

If you missed the Meet and Greet and Day 1, see it here. This is day two and when it gets wild!

Meeting of the Masters Day II was when the wildness happened!  The day started with Art Ketchum presenting. Art spoke about photography and how it evolved from the 1970’s up through 2010’s. He shared his lighting style (a style I’ve taken and implemented in my own shooting) and his approach to shooting. Art shared a lot of what I learned the most from him; Business of photography. I was extremely excited for people to learn what I had spent 10+ years learning.  Art was an amazing speaker and teacher and his passion for it shone bright his entire time.

The second half of the seminar was with the Keynote Speaker; David Hickey. David has a personality that just draws you in. Even if you disagree with him, you can’t not be around him when he’s talking. David took over and I watched people take more notes when he was talking, than when any other speaker was talking. David absolutely refused to do any studio shooting and forced me to let people go outdoors and shoot in natural light. So that’s what we did.

Towards the middle to end of the shooting day, the Greenwood Village Police showed up with claims that there were scantily clad nude women upsetting some of the guests. As it turned out, at the outdoor pool some photographers were shooting some of the models. Some of the guests were upset and called the police. This was back when I was young and dumb, I willfully gave the police all my info and told them nothing was going on. They left and about half hour later, David came in cause someone told him. Pissed, he went outside looking for the police to educate and embarrass them as only David could. David spent the rest of the night angry that he couldn’t find the women that complained on him.

Literally every model at the event told me how much they loved David and Art. Out of the models that were there the entire event, they all said David and Art was the highlight of the long weekend.

Around 9PM Mountain Time, I heard the voice only belonging to Ivan Otis saying “NINE INCHES! I HAVE NINE INCHES”

Ivan is from Canada. Someone told him a joke about nine inches and Ivan, not using the imperial measuring system in Canada, Ivan had no idea until a model pulled him aside and told him. He blushed and for the rest of the event, that became the theme; “NINE INCHES!”

Hickey had to go home Saturday as one of his Muse and favorite people, Janelle, was getting married and wanted David to be there. So Friday night was the Masters round table and everyone in attendance got a chance to fire off questions to any/all the guys. Tons of questions asked and answered.


The five guys
Five guys

After about two hours of that, Art was done. People had questions to which Art said; “We’ll be here for another day or two. Ask then. I’m hungry so we’re going to eat” And that’s what we did.

Day III coming up next!

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