Light or connection?

Last week a facebook contact sated on an update:”Ive said it before and i will say it again. It is about the light people! Photography is about lighting!!!”

I replied; ” Its about the connection first! Lights second!”

She replied: ” I could take a person off the street and not say a word to them…..and get an outstanding pix if i have the right light.  Connection is only a necessity for portrait biz….i am talking u and being one with your camera.
Repeat after me…..i can see the light!!!!!!”

What an incredulous statement! Connection is only a necessity for portrait biz? Now lets review; She’s a great photog who had problems in the portrait business and took several years from shooting. She went to nature and only recently got into shooting models and recently had a post on facebook looking for models to shoot. She asked me for referrals. If photography is about light first, why the break?

IMHO, what makes an outstanding pic isn’t lighting, it’s the connection the photog has with the client. If you have 30,000.00 worth of equipment and no connection with the client, then you have 30k worth of nothing. Getting great looks require the person trusting you. Photographers care about equipment, customers don’t.

She would do well to remember that and won’t need to look for people, they would come to her. I don’t need to repeat after her that “I can see light!!!!!!” I have 47 people in her market that are begging me to go back and shoot them.


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