As you may or may not know, I’ve stopped my workshops. I’ve lost my love of teaching them, so I’ve been the student. I’ve not found any workshops worth attending here, but I’m on the look out. Either way, I’ve noticed a new trend amongst photographers that is silly, sickening and stupid. What’s the trend?

“I’m the best photographer in the state”

It’s what I see on business pages, facebook pages and everywhere else a photographer is allowed to write their own copy. As we know, photography is a career that doesn’t require a degree, certificate or license of any kind

Genna showing her nationally published images shot by Jay Kilgore

which means anyone is a professional. Being everyone is a professional and the economy being in the gutter, everyone has to find a way to make themselves different. One way to NOT do this is over hyping of yourself! Truth be told, some people will believe it when you say you’re the best in your state, but sadly the people that will believe it will be family and friends.

When you use phrases such as “I’m the top model photographer in the state” you are alienating yourself from your peers and friends. There are MANY photographers that are far better than you and I, that the world will never know. So why set an expectation that you can’t live up to? Now those who know me, maybe calling me on my old phrase tag “I’m the most nationally published and sponsored model photographer in CO”. This is phrase I can back up since I used to spend quality time looking over all the social media markets. Even so, I’ve stopped using it as a driving force since CO is my home state. CO isn’t exactly N.Y. or Cali, so I don’t say it too much. Today, I say things like “I’m a nationally published and heavily sponsored model photographer”. I’m staying true to the facts and not over embellishing things.

Now I’m ┬ánot running out telling everyone to get a tag line, amend the ones you have and make sure you’re not putting yourself in a situation that is almost impossible to live up to.

Always remember, if you have to tell people you’re the best, you’re not. They will know with out your saying so.


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