Hello friends!

I am not dead…I promise!

I do! I took some time off from shooting because I honestly wasn’t really motivated to do so. For a LOOOONG time I hated my California experience. It was filled with egomaniac photographers who poor skill. Or Excellent photographers who were human hermits who didn’t go outside or talk to people. I will blog about my Cali experience a little later and in more detail, but it’s been interesting!

Good news? I’ve found a love for shooting again and it started in May of this year. I finally decided to break the seal on the 1Ds Mark III as well as buy a 5D MarkII, 1D Mark IV and even picked up a 6D again. Now, I still hate the 6D, but didn’t realize it until I purchased and started using it. I also broke down and picked up a Canon 70-200 IS F2.8 USM lens and love it! Sold a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 II cause it was crappy and hunted a lot. Love the Canon. Here’s a pic of some of the family:

I still have the 1D Mark III but it was hiding in the bag. I may sell the 6D and pick up another 1D III and get a 24-70 lens? Who knows. Anyway, here are some photos to hold you over:

Oh! As an FYI; I am working exclusively with Glamour Model Magazine and have all my images in their members only site! Well, not all but a ton so far and many more. It updates three times a week with two photo sets and one video set and will feature all your JayKilgore.com favorite models! So click here to Join now and see the awesomeness!


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