As photographers we are often faced with “Writers Block” and it’s nasty!

At this point in my career, I’m faced with “Writers Block” and it’s something that happens about once every two years. I think the biggest thing we need to realize is what causes this? Once we realize what the cause is, then we can start to put together the fix solution. For me, it’s constant shooting and being a photographer in demand. This isn’t a bad thing mind you! I love it in fact, but I’ve found that sometimes I just want to break away from what I do and do something different. Now I realize that while it sounds good, the fact of the matter is simple; breaking away and doing different is scary for me. I have my style and it’s very recognizable and I love it, but sometimes I dare to dream of doing something different like REAL fashion photography. I live in a glamour state so my chances of finding a height and weight proportionate fashion model are far and few in between, but one can dream right?

One of the biggest reasons of my lack of inspiration is simple; the loss of my Muse. Now she’s totally OK health wise, but my Muse and I are no longer shooting so I no longer have the inspiration to try new things. I’m currently looking for a Muse but the new one will have to meet all the criteria and I’m just having a difficult time finding that one. I have a few regulars that I shoot and they are extremely beautiful and wonderful people inside and out, but I’m a glamour guy so my new muse will need to be comfortable shooting nudes. This has been the problem along side the Muse needing to have the body type and INPUT as well. I am in a state that is surrounded by beautiful and fit women, but in the sea of beautiful and fit women I have to find the one that is RIGHT for me.

The last time I had “Writers Block” like this, I went on to change my style slightly yet in a way that was huge for my business. I expect nothing different from this “Writers Block” but I realize it starts with my Muse. I will find her, I know she’s out there but how long will I look?

I’ve spent some time looking at photos for inspiration and while that helps some, there’s nothing like creating your own images for inspiration. Due to the time of year (submission season) I have been shooting a lot, but I’m just not shooting work that I’m inspired by.

What do you do to stay inspired? Have you ever experienced “Writers Block”? If so, for how long? How did you break the funk?

The pretty little lady above is Ashley. I will fill the blog with images of her soon so stay tuned!


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