Filter fun! ?

One of the things I’m seeing more and more is filter based photography.

Everything comes in cycles and that’s all fine and dandy. I remember when the Ring Flash came back and everyone (including myself) had to have one. I remember when Cross Processing came back and everyone (again, including myself) was doing it..oh wait, it still is.

In 2011 I posted a photo to a photography forum and one of the “Old Heads” said “I’ve been shooting for 50 years and have never seen a poorly shot photo. I’ve never seen a poorly exposed photo look like this before” The photo he was referring to? It was this one that is obviously cross processed. I had to educate this Old Head to what Cross Processing is…even though he has been shooting for 50 years! Wait a sec, I got off track, sorry.

Cross processing has been around now for about two years in it’s recent resurgent. This is a lot longer than some of it’s pre-predecessors such as HDR, which has always left me wondering; Is an image truly enhanced by the various filters we throw on them? Yes, I am sponsored by Alien Skin and I LOVE them and their filters, but I’m of the opine that they need to be used sparingly. This being said, programs like Instagram has for sure enabled everyone to become a cross processing photographic master! But again, it begs the question; is an image truly enhanced by the various filters we use?

I’m of the opinion that more is too much. I see lots of amazing photos that have filters thrown on them and imho, it takes away from the photo. Like HDR before it, the various filters are being overused and as a result, taking away from the awesomeness of using it!

Here’s a photo collage of Milly. The image on the left is normal, second and third images have Alien Skin filters. Do the filters help the photo?

Do you think filter use has gotten out of hand? If you agree or disagree sound off!


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