End of the year shoot!

Hey guys!

How goes it?

Sorry to have been away for a few days, but this past Saturday has kicked my butt! that and the new baby having small health issues. Either way, I had the workshop and all went GREAT!! So first let me talk about the venue:

I had looked into a few places, decided on one. The space was big, it was clean and the only “clutter” they had was strobes on casters. It was the high key wall room, so I figured it would look pretty beat up, and nasty. When I got there, boy was I wrong! the place looked awesome! it was clean and the owner was cool! he kept checking in, not in a way that made me feel he was being obnoxious, but a way that made it seem like he really wanted to make sure I had what I needed.

The first part of the shoot was the Sexy Santa Helper shoot. Seven models showed up and ROCKED the house! Models had a great time, photographers had a great time because the models were. Great images and great vibe.

Model flake: Two! one model, Genna, sounded terrible and was still going to come in…no thank you. The models who flaked:

Daphne. I expected her to, but was let down when she did.
Tonya: Was actually surprised that she did! she sent me an email the night before asking if she could bring a hot friend. Didn’t show. Wanted to make sure she was alright, she spent the day shopping. Oh well.

The evening shoot was a glamour/casual shoot and it was GREAT! 20 models all i all and it was a great time! great friends were made and I got to meet some of the models that I had been talking to for years shooting. I’ve gotten requests now to do this more than once a year, so I’m thinking I might do a Summer Shoot!



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