Crazy times!

Since the launch of my Lighting and separate Photoshop video, life has been pretty crazy for me! The video sales are doing far better than I expected so thank you to everyone who has purchased it…and kept me on my toes lol. As you may have noticed, I’m not really one for holidays, if this offends you, sorry. I will say it now to get it out of the way “Happy and safe holiday to you and yours” I do mean for everyone to be safe!

I think I might go through my images of 2011 and post some of my, or what I consider my best work. What do you think? Or do a top 12 in no specific order? Or my most favorite ones? Either way, here’s a few photos of Milly. Milly came in late 2009 and we shot. Then she came in early 2011 and we shot once more. She had grown very quite over that time and finally a few weeks ago I had a chance to catch up to her and we found time to shoot. I forgot how beautiful she was as it’s been some time since I’ve looked at her photos or her. She’s so awesome because she’s shy, but not really.

Typical four light setup from me:

Originally posted 12/30/2011

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