COVID19 kicking my ass!

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Hello friends!

Hope you are doing well and surviving the lock down! I honestly don’t mind it but am annoyed that all the toilet paper is gone lol. COVID-19 has put a cramp in my style in more than one way! I had decided that I was going to ease back into model photography this year. 2020 was THAT year! The year that I was going to get back into model photography! I had a plan on taking it easy and working my way into it. My plan was;

    • Starting in March 2020 do one shoot per month for the next three month
    • July – September Increase to two shoots per month
    • October – December three shoots per month

The one thing I learned about myself was I was bored and shooting too much shooting 10-20 new faces per month on top of shooting the same ones over and over. I lost my love for photography and a small part of me resented photography. Now that I have moved and got everything slowed down, I am at a stable place and have a clear outlook on photography. I am excited to get back into shooting! I didn’t say anything here because I’ve promised to get back to it and failed lol. Now with the virus, I really can’t shoot.

Until the Shelter in Place order is over, I plan to get back in the mood by retouching some of my older and newer work. Here are a few samples:

What are you doing amidst this virus? What goals do you have once you’re able to get out? Are you going to resume your dealings as per normal? Or has this COVID-19 virus given you reason to rethink your goals and plans?


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