Best foot forward

I can’t began to stress how important it is to have your best foot forward in ANY situation! The model/photography world is one that is built off of looks and first impressions. When I’m using these sites, I’m looking for images that blow me away. I’m looking at a thumbnail about 150×150 and have three seconds to make up my mind if I want to contact you. There are 148,587,335,114,1578,2 portfolios to look through and don’t want to look at anyone who isn’t serious about their career. If you don’t have an amazing image as your key, then you’re missing out! Also, another annoying thing that I’m noticing is people using fake age as well as measurements. Their reasoning is honest; they don’t want the “GwC” to find them and try to work with them, that being said, I know several “GWC” that are better than many “professionals” in regards to work ethic, image production and business skills. By hiding your profile you’re losing out on potential jobs.

When I’m searching for models, I’m searching for specific things:

Age: 21-35.

Why? Simple, in my experience, most “models” 18-20 are doing it because it’s “cool”, they haven’t gotten serious about it but do it because of the title. Now of course there are exceptions, I can think of about four young women who have and are rocking the industry in areas I populate. Working as a model requires a level of maturity that most young people aren’t ready to display. I avoid this by looking for 21+ as they have a bit better idea of themselves and a realistic outlook on their lives. It also cuts down on the posing regrets we’ve discussed previously.


I work with designers and other clients that need to have a specific type and look for their product. Nothing worse than looking at a model and scheduling a shoot with her based off her stats, only to find she either lied or hasn’t been forthcoming with her info, correct info. That’s a waste of my, my client, designer and models time as I have to turn her down and try to save the shoot. Now I know some of you may say “That’s what an agency is for” but lets face it, unless you live on a coast, you won’t find good or legit agencies to get your models from.


If a client wants blonde hair, blue eyes model, then that’s what the client wants. If they want green hair and green eyes, so be it. If you have these features flaunt it! Again, this is what I look for when looking for specific things-any hair/eye combo not just green hair and green eyes- so put it down. Have images that are up to date and current at all times. Even if it’s just a self shot camera. Nothing worse than seeing and falling in love with a look, only to find out the model has dyed her hair from blonde to pink with orange stripes.  As a model, unless your an Alternative model, your hair and body modifications should be kept slight or easily concealable to suit client needs.

While this post has been targeted to models, Photographers the same rules apply to us! When clients are looking at us, they are looking for professionalism and maturity. They have about the same amount of time as we do, often times less time, we need to make sure our best image is forward at all times as well! A few years ago I was talking to an old time photographer and he told me I had to maintain an air of professionalism at all times on Facebook for the simple fact that our clients are on our facebook page. I told him I do business from myfacebook business page and my personal page was for just that, personal. He digressed and said it was silly, that everyone friends the personal page. I looked at his stats and he had 500 friends on his personal page and 200 on his business page. I am the opposite, I have 1500 on the business and 1200 on personal. He should spend more time growing his page vs working from his personal page.

You are only as good as the last image you post/share/upload for the world to see. Would you work with someone that created the image on the left? or right?


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