One of the things I’ve said for some time is I wanted to start doing reviews. Honest reviews of things, things I think you’d be interested in or have asked me about. Today I’m going to do it.

I’ve been talking about the Backdrop Outlet Pro White Vinyl backdrop for some time now. I got it in about a month ago and wanted to use it several times before giving what I’d consider, an honest feedback. Before going into any ratings, I’ll tell you my experience.


The vinyl’s came in sturdy, durable tubing that honestly, would protect it’s delivery from a nuclear bombing. That being said, if it were a nuclear bombing, I’d not be here to receive it…nor would anyone be able to deliver it come to think of it. Anyway, they were encased in very hard cardboard tubing and delivered via UPS.

After pulling the vinyl’s out and inspecting them, my initial thoughts were “No way this will hold up to high heels”. While thinking this, my five and two year old thought it was Christmas while playing with the cardboard tubing-knocking each other out and over with it.

Product quality:

As stated above, I didn’t think it would hold up to high heels or repeated use and I had questions with regards to it’s ability to hold light that was put on it. It felt good in my hands and when laid out, it laid flat. This is important as with cloth backdrops, if you’re shooting on carpet or walk on it, it wrinkles up right away. Once laid flat, it had no wrinkles or problems at all. I shoot on carpet and once I put some plywood down to present a hard surface, the backdrop held up.


IMHO, it did a fantastic job of reflecting light and doing what it was supposed to! I used two lights on the backdrop and one setup with just one light and it did exactly what I wanted it to.

Sample photos taken on the drop:

Now the big question; did it hold up to heels?

YES! I shot a total of six women all with varying degree heels and the backdrop held up just fine. The best thing about the vinyl drops is if you get a smudge or stain, it wipes off with very little effort. After owning this drop, I’m wondering how or why I ran my business with out it? The only con I can think of is that it doesn’t have any kind of hangers or anything to prevent you from totally unrolling it. I found that out the hard way when I was seeing how it was put together. Rolling it back up by oneself can be a bit of a task. The other complaint is that it doesn’t come in studio grey. Currently they come in Black, White and Chroma Green. Keep in mind these are new and I’m sure the guys and gals at BDO will have more colors available to them soon!

Overall product review: 4.5/5 jaystars!

Go get one today! Join their Facebook page and tell them you saw my review! You won’t get anything, neither will I, but its a great company.


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