We have reached the end of the shooting part of Anatomy of a Jay Kilgore shoot.

If you’ve been following along, you’ve learned that I first;

Start off easy. By starting easy, you let them know you don’t want to get them naked. You want to create a connection with them first and foremost. You are starting in Casual attire. I usually say “Lets start with whatever you’d be most comfortable in” By doing this, we let them know it’s ok if they want to start with more clothes until they get used to the idea of being half naked in front of a stranger. Regardless of how much they love your work, you’re still a stranger.

Then we learned to move into more includes keeping the client engaged and informed of what we’re doing. Still maitaining the professional but very relaxed atmosphere. You don’t want to be a drone, but you don’t want to be too relaxed and casual. The client is warming up to you and the idea of possibly exploring more. By this time in the shoot, she’s trusting you and throwing out hints that you have to decipher if it’s an avenue you want to take.

Now comes the point where she is highly undressed with nothing to very little covering herself. You are still getting the challenges and she’s stated she is wanting to do more. You don’t want to allow her to do it, you want to still control the scene, so you start doing shots and poses she can do that will allow her to stick with implied nude and still save face. If she still says she wants to try it, you do a few out there shots but not shoot full on nude. Show her and if she’s still down, we progress to the final…

You are nearing the end of the shoot and she’s still open to shooting topless or nude, or you were always going to shoot it, but you wanted to ease into it. There are no real tricks or tips for this but one; ALWAYS MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT with your client! Women know when they’re being checked out. Even if they can’t put a direct finger on when you do it, they can feel it and nothings worse than blowing the shoot in the final seconds. Nothing has changed for you, but remember, you have clothes on! This is a big deal for her and I’ve discussed this with many models who shoot nothing but nudes, they all state that the first few moments of being nude in front of someone new is awkward. Always have something for them to change into or have them bring a robe or big shirt or a big towel. I know you’re thinking; “Dude, she’s shooting nude photos, why all this?” When she’s not shooting, allow her ability to dress and save face. Remember, the more comfortable she is around you, the better for both your shoot today, and the long term. Who knows? She may have a hot sister that wants to pose with her!

Originally posted 9/7/2011

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