A good session

Is one that provides you with a ton of photos that can keep you editing for months to come.

For every serious photographer I stress two things;

Have a QUALIFIED mentor
Have a Muse

With these two things, there isn’t anything you can’t do in the photography and business world. The reason this is so important is a mentor has been where you are or going and can usually help steer you in the right direction. A good mentor is much like a psychologist; they will never come out and tell you exactly what to do, but will suggest or lightly nudge you. A muse will bring out your creative side as well as allowing you to try new things and work with you to evolve your ideas into more. I think it’s important to have several types of muses and mentors, the more diverse, the better.

Here’s a photo from a shoot with one of my muses Lauren V. This photo was taken in April and today, this session STILL allows me at least five new photos to clean up and post. Obviously there’s no purpose to have that many on the blog, which is why I’ll have my portfolio paysite coming out soon. Until then, enjoy this photo!

Originally posted 11/9/2011

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