There’s a pretty funny video that’s gone virile it’s name is “That doesn’t make you a model”. This video is funny because the author combed Myspace for quite some time finding images that goes great with the song. The video has been posted to Facebook and everyone gets a great laugh out of it. That being said, it brings up a good point; Are you a model? or more importantly, what is a model?

Before we go any further, let’s watch the video:

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Now that we’re done with that, catchy and funny right? Right! But lets get back to the question of it all; What makes you a model?

For me, there isn’t a hard and steadfast answer to that. When we visit, we find the definition of model is:

  • serving as an example or model: a model home open to prospective buyers.
  • worthy to serve as a model; exemplary: a model student.
  • being a small or miniature version of something: He enjoyed building model ships.

Naturally, the above has been cropped to get to the heart of the meaning. As I said earlier, this video has gone virile and many people are saying “To all the girls this is for you” or something along those lines. It’s followed by dozens of likes and comments. The question I ask is this; “Who gives a rats butt if someone else is a model?” The term model relates to many different things and just because one is a model, doesn’t have to mean they’re a model by your standards. Lots of people define models as Adriana Lima as a model, no crap! Yes, she is a model but before she was Adriana Lima, she was a girl trying to do her own thing. Others say unless you’re signed with an agency, you’re not a “real” model. Living in Colorado, I’m surrounded by more FAKE agencies than legit people wanting to be a model.

To say someone isn’t something, is more of a reflection on you. At my model consultations, I always say “Jealousy is the realization of your own failures”. What does that mean? When people go around putting labels and saying nasty things, it’s because they realize they don’t have the heart, determination, dedication and love that you have to do and get to where you are. You can spend your life doing what they think you should, or what you should be doing. The same can be said for photographers; Just because you have a 5,000.00 DSLR, that doesn’t make you a photographer. It may not but that’s between the photographer and the people that go see him.

Just remember to not focus on what others are doing and focus more on what you’re doing. THAT, will make you a model.


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