Keep it classy

Last week I caused a bit of trouble with my post regarding “When did this…

Might as well keep the fires burning this week right?


I’m fortunate enough to have a nice list of people that want to shoot with me. One of the comments I see a lot of is “I wan’t to keep it classy” This statement bothers me for many reasons and I’ll explain a few now.

The main reason I hate that statement is simple; we all have different ideas of classy. What’s one mans junk is another treasure. What that means is what is classy to you, may not be classy to others so why put yourself in a situation of demeaning others? There’s no way for everyone to work off of the same definition as that would defeate the purpose of being unique. Furthermore, that is a very judgmental phrase in my opinion. Simply saying it is like putting oneself over others as if everything else is classless and what that one wants to do is better.

I know of several young ladies that won’t shoot anything other than lingerie. This is totally fine as it’s their body, their rules, yet I see them posing with a photographer who poses them spread legs. I personally think it’s worse posing open crotch than topless or glamour nude. I totally agree when some say “less is more” but looking directly at your “Holiest of Holy’s” isn’t less, it’s more than I’m ready for! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve shot my fair share of adult nude and have had a lot of fun doing it, but when used in the context of what we’re talking about-it takes on a whole new meaning.

To say “Keep it classy” can be taken many ways and most often times, taken for the negative. In my experience, this is how it works out “I want to keep it classy. Not that anything you’ve done is classless, but you know, I want to keep it classy” Why have to put yourself in a situation of further explaining yourself when you can just say what you mean? If you carry yourself in a classy way, then there should be no need to tell others how to shoot you, you will be viewed as classy. Classy, YOLO, BOLO, POGO STICK, they’re all coined terms that supposed to set the person apart but it in facts make you look unable to express yourself in an intellegent way and undoes what you verbally stated.

Lastly, “Keep it classy” is just as corny and generic as “Rockstar”. Over used terms that usually eludes the person that is using it. Be original, be who you are and let your actions dictate your level of class.


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