I’m a fashion model


When I say something (usually the truth) I am hated for it. Living here in Colorado has taught me a whole lot. I have always prided myself on my ability to connect and create with people (You can see this connection in mylighting video), however, the one area that I have problems with is connecting with people who expect me to either pad their egos or lie to them.

One of the big things I hear is people saying “I’m going to put Colorado on the fashion map”. Now understand, I applaud and will support anyone who wants to do something positive, especially if it’s something to bring together working photographers. That being said, I feel as though everyone should be realistic in their approach. Getting back to the main point of my story, I made a comment on Facebook that said something to the effect of “Sorry, but if you’re 5’5 you’re not a fashion model” Or something along those lines. I enraged a young lady who was shorter than 5″5. She proceeded to tell me she IS a fashion model. I tried to explain to her that fashion models must meet certain requirement as well as model something fashionable, she proceeded to tell me that I was wrong and always trying to bring down the little people. I tried to explain that it’s not me, but an industry that set the requirements and I’d be remiss if I were to tell a 5’6″ young lady she can do legit fashion. From there, a whole debate broke out and another 5’6″ model came to her aid.

I tried to explain that just because you dress in fashionable clothes it doesn’t make the shoot fashion. Photographers imho, need to be careful in describing what they are shooting to the model. The trick around it is saying “Lets shoot fashionable clothing” Every female wants to be a fashion model. Living in a state that is land locked and predominately a glamour state, you can’t sell a fashion dream. Models and those seeking to be models need to educate themselves as the blame doesn’t rest solidly on the shoulders of the photographers, but for the most part, models and those who are working for the title, look to photographers to educate them.


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